SmartGate vT2

Software-based T2 Gateway

SmartGate vT2 is ENENSYS’ software-based T2 Gateway for DVB-T2 Single Frequency Network operation. Running in a pure IP environment it gathers multiple MPEG-2 TS over IP and encapsulates them into a DVB-T2 multiplex to be broadcasted over IP.


  • DVB-T2 SFN broadcasting
  • DVB-T2 Multi-PLP management
  • Seamless 1+1 redundancy (patented technology)
  • Virtualized environment
  • Pure SW and IP


Pure IP

The SmartGate vT2 is running in pure IP, it can receive several MPEG-2 TS over IP, with main and backup management. It encapsulate them into multiple PLP and deliver a 1+1 output stream over IP. The SmartGate vT2 can handle several virtual network interfaces to comply with main/backup scenario. The time synchronization is handled thanks to PTP and a dedicated virtual network interface is available.

Software-based and Virtualized

The SmartGate vT2 is a pure Software-based T2 Gateway. It can run on any COTS (Commercial Of The Shelf) server. Dedicated to virtualized environment, the SmartGate-vT2 supports a range of different hypervisor to ensure good integration with virtualized environment. Being virtualized, it can be installed along with other head-end function, typically software-based multiplexer and SmartGate-vT2 can be installed on a same server.

Single Frequency Network

Running at the head-end, the SmartGate vT2 encapsulates one or several MPEG-2 Transport Streams over IP into DVB-T2 BaseBand frames. It outputs the resulting T2-base multiplex using the T2-MI (T2-Modulator Interface) protocol through IP. The T2Gateway is the central body of the operational DVB-T2 network as it provides in-band control and signaling to all the DVB-T2 modulators. When using Multiple PLP (Physical Layer Pipes) feature to provide service-specific robustness, the SmartGate vT2 enables all the modulators to generate the same PLP data in a deterministic manner.

Seamless 1+1 Redundancy

ENENSYS' patented technology, vGuard, is the unique 1+1 or N+1 redundancy
mechanism that guarantees seamless switch-over between redundant SmartGate software to avoid any TV black-out. The vGuard applies with 1+1 or N+1 SmartGate vT2 applications that operate in 1+1 or N+1 redundancy with IPGuardV2, ENENSYS'
seamless IP switch.

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SmartGate vT2

Technical Features

  • Compliant with DVB-T2 V1.1.1, V1.2.1, V1..3.1 and V1.4.1 standard, DTG, NorDig, SANS 862:2012 (South Africa)
  • Encapsulation of MPEG-2 TS into DVB-T2 baseband frames within up to 8 PLP (2 by default)
  • Flexible IP management for input redundancy and output mirroring
  • DVB-T2 SFN/MISO adaption with absolute and relative timestamp generation support
  • Patented seamless 1+1 and N+1 switch-over with vGuard option
  • Generation of T2-MI packets over IP

Technical specifications


Control / PTP

1x Virtual Network Interface for GUI/SNMP
1x Virtual Network Interface dedicated to PTP


Up to 2x Virtual Network Interfaces for incoming RTP/UDP
streams (Main / Backup)



Up to 2x Virtual Network Interfaces for RTP/UDP output
streams (Main / Backup)


DVB-T2 standard

V1.1.1, V1.2.1, V1.3.1 support

DVB-T2 encapsulation

Encapsulation into BB frames
1.7,5,6,7,8,10 MHz bandwidth support

DVB-T2 network configuration

In-band control of T2 transmitters
Individual addressing
FEF management

SFN Adaptation

Integrated SFN adapter with MISO
Relative and Absolute timestamp
T2-MIP generation in SPLP/MPLP

PLP management

Single and Multi-PLP handling
Type1 and type2 management
Static and dynamic PLP allocation
ISSY generation

T2-MI output

Generation of T2-MI stream over IP


Patented seamless switch-over between 1+1 or N+1

In-Band files delivery

Delivering in-band configuration and firmware to
other ENENSYS products (option)

Monitoring and Supervision

Validation of DVB-T2 parameters
Full SNMP v2 support

Ordering codes


Software-based gateway for DVB-T2



1+1 or N+1 seamless redundancy


Support up to 4 PLP for DVB-T2


Support up to 8 PLP for DVB-T2

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SmartGate vT2

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SmartGate vT2