Company overview

ENENSYS designs and manufactures innovative professional equipment and software enabling Efficient Video Delivery over Broadcast & Telecom Networks.

The ENENSYS team is comprised of highly experienced engineers, gathering expertise across a broad technology base including hardware design, RF, signal processing, real-time software and virtualized and cloud-native applications. The company develops all the technology embedded in its solutions: 90% of the team members own an MSc or a PhD in Information Technology, Software or Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

ENENSYS’ corporate culture is rooted in strong human values such as creativity, empathy and reactivity to anticipate our customer’s needs and achieve customer care excellence.

Focused on innovation, ENENSYS Networks are organized around 2 products lines:

  • Broadcast Networks: Equipment for Digital Terrestrial TV, Targeted Content Insertion and Switches & IP Transport… Products sit between encoder/multiplexer output and transmitter input, facilitating signal distribution over a wide variety of networks. Covered standards include DVB-T2, ATSC3.0, ISDB-T, …
  • Telecom Networks: Software for Mobile TV over LTE Broadcast and MCPTT Mission Critical & Public Safety applications. A distributed and scalable virtualized software enables LTE Broadcast capability on existing LTE/4G/5G Networks

To sum up: it’s all about Efficient Video Delivery.

Serial Inventor

ENENSYS has a strong IPR portfolio, with more than 25 patents, all dedicated to the Video Delivery sector. Linked to this innovation work, ENENSYS is proud to be the first to introduce new technologies and solutions to support customer in their network optimizations and deployments.



Business Partners

ENENSYS sales network is based on local partners and System Integrators. This enables the company to offer the best local pre-sales and post-sales support to each customer. ENENSYS partners’ network covers most of the world, and the company is always open to opportunities to extend its market with new business partners to provide complementary solutions for their customers.

ENENSYS products and software can either be provided as a standalone equipment or software, or integrated in a complete solution by the customer’s preferred System Integrator.

Research and Academic partnerships

ENENSYS is proud to benefits from various academic and corporate supports:

European Digital Broadcast Cluster – “Pole Images & Reseaux”:

ENENSYS is a member of the Digital Broadcast Cluster “Pole Images & Reseaux” (Centre of Interest in Images and Networks) since 2004 and took part in several collaborative projects.

ENENSYS is a founding member of the cluster and was member of the Board from 2006 to 2008.

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A French institute of research and higher education in engineering and science, widely considered to be among the top 3 engineering schools of France.

The company developed collaborative projects with SUPELEC and especially with the Signal, Communication & Embedded Electronics department based in Rennes.

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Institut Mines-Telecom

Institut Mines-Telecom is a French public institution dedicated to Higher Education and Research for Innovation in the fields of engineering and digital technology.

ENENSYS ignition was enabled by TELECOM BRETAGNE IEEE Engineering School (now IMT-Atlantique). During the very early stages, the company was hosted in the Start-up incubator.

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INSA Rennes

INSA is the largest engineering school in France. ENENSYS is a proud member of the INSA Rennes partners’ club.

The company also developed collaborative projects with INSA Researchers.

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Public & Institutional support

ENENSYS is proud to benefits from various Public & Institutional supports:

French Tech

French Tech is the collective name for all those working in the French startup market, just like ENENSYS. For some years now, French Tech have as a group shown incredible dynamism, driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, and other talented people.


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Rennes-Atalante Science and Technology Park

ENENSYS was supported by Rennes-Atalante techno park from the very beginning, and integrated the EMERGYS incubator.

ENENSYS has been a member of the board since 2007 and vice-president since 2011.

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Since the company creation, the Bretagne state has provided a continuous support to ENENSYS.

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BPI France is a French investment bank.

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Bretagne Commerce International

Bretagne Commerce International is the regional tool for international development. BCI and its dedicated team have supported ENENSYS from day 1.

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Rennes Metropole

Since the company creation, the RENNES METROPOLE city council has provided a never-ending support to ENENSYS.

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Conseil Général d’Ille et Vilaine

The Ille & Vilaine county has always been supportive to ENENSYS.

Réseau Entreprendre Bretagne

ENENSYS was supported by Reseau Entreprendre Bretagne at its creation stage. ENENSYS is now a supporting member of Réseau Entreprendre Bretagne and member of the Board.

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