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Some insights from ENENSYS

Some good reasons to join ENENSYS

All people are different. And companies are made of people. So all companies are different.
Should you consider joining ENENSYS, then make it because you're sharing the same values.

Here are some “good reasons” to joins us.


We love Technology

Technology is the 1st strand of the ENENSYS DNA.

Within ENENSYS, you’ll find people who like to discuss about new technologies and how to use them.

Innovation and creativity are key values in this fast-changing world.

We travel the world (and the seven seas)

International is the 2nd strand of ENENSYS' DNA.

About 90% of our revenues are generated by customers located outside France. We deliver our solutions to more than 50 different countries.

It’s really enriching to work with partners and customers who have different cultures.

We enjoy our time at work

ENENSYS is a human size company where discussions are open and informal.

The break/coffee room is the heart of the company. It's a central place where people join to share ideas. Lots of our best product ideas are born in this room.

Let's say ENENSYS is a place where you can work seriously, without taking it too seriously.

We promote sports

Lots of colleagues are making the most of the lunch break to take part in sport (running, squash, etc...) with other teams.

We also have colleagues teaming up to participate in races such as Marathon vert or Urban Trail.

We've participated 3 times in the local OLYMPIADES and won twice the trophy in the SME section.

We share a true Cooperation Spirit

There is a true cooperation spirit in the company. And we love it.

Our engineers support the business team working with the customers, understand their needs, and keep them happy.

And the business team is taking care of the R&D team.

Empathy towards customers

What would you expect if you were in the customer position? If the answer is “I'd choose a competitor’s product”, then we’ll have to work harder to design a better product.

And to understand the customers' expectations, there is nothing better than working in a collaborative way with them.

It’s positive, it’s constructive, and it’s even fun.

ENENSYS is a « product » oriented company

We conceive innovative hardware or software products. We self-finance the R&D work and then we travel the world to promote them.

Anticipation is a key value: we want to be the first to design and market a new product.

We want our products to be really appreciated by the customers and to be proud of everything we develop.

ENENSYS is Profitable and Independent

ENENSYS is continuously focusing on profitability. It’s not about heartlessly maximizing the profits, but profitability is the key to freedom.

Because the company is profitable, then it is in control of its own destiny, and can launch new long-term oriented R&D work.

The company has also a strong profit sharing policy.

ENENSYS, active citizen of Rennes (Bretagne, France)

ENENSYS is involved in the city of Rennes and is supporting various cultural events:

  • Les Transmusicales de Rennes is a music festival held annually in December. Since the festival’s beginning, it has been renowned for revealing the “next big thing” in music and has become one of the most significant musical events in Europe.
  • J’suis vert ! : a small music festival powered by ENENSYS renowned for it’s friendly atmosphere.
  • MYTHOS : the spring Festival MYTHOS is based in the heat of the city. It mixes Music and Theater.
  • Rock’n’Solex : it’s the oldest music Festival in the city. Organised by the students of INSA, it combines SOLEX races and music shows. In 2017, the festival is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary.

ENENSYS is also supporting entrepreneurship through various nonprofit organisations:

Finally, ENENSYS is supporting local foundations: