DVB-S/S2/S2X Calculator

The DVB-S2X European Norme (ETSI EN 302 307 – part II) is the last upgrade of the satellite standard. It is an extension of the current DVB-S2 standard. This is why the current ETSI EN 302 307 document is splitted into two parts:

  • Part I : DVB-S2
  • Part II : DVB-S2X

As DVB-S2, DVB-S2X introduces a list of constellations associated with code rates (MODCOD). It is not always easy to select the right MODCOD according to the use case.
In order to help you, TeamCast has designed the « Universal DVB-S2X Calculator » which provides an easy way to adjust step-by-step the various sets of parameters and to evaluate the results.
The goal of the calculator is to determine which « MODCOD» is relevant according to the given situation among the 340 ones available in DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X standards.

The « Universal DVB-S2X Calculator » is made of four folders: Waveform Shaper, Single Stream (Graphs), Single Stream (Data) and Multistream.

The S2X’s Waveform
This sheet defines the parameters of the S/S2/S2X waveform:

Transponder bandwidth,
User channel Bandwidth,
Roll Off,
User maximum BitRate,
Pilot insertion
Frame length
which govern the transmission capacity versus the signal to noise required to transmit.

The signal without filtering gives an overview of the signal behaviour when no Nyquist filtering is applied. As illustrated, a filtering process is required.
The signal with roll-off filter is equivalent to the RF output of the modulator with this filtering process. One parameter of this process is the roll-off (5% up to 35%) which defines the slope of the filter.

Below the Vyper RF signals, there are the curves of bitrate, versus signal to noise ratio for the all MODCOD possible with the different standards DVB-S (blue), DVB-S2 (red) and DVB-S2X (green), are displayed.

The S2X’s Single Stream (Graphs)
This sheet proposes the different available MODCOD according to the use case selected by the signal to noise ratio required:

  • Very low SNR (-12 < C/N < -3dB)
  • Low SNR (-3 < C/N < 6dB)
  • Broadcast services (6 < C/N < 12dB)
  • Professional services (12 < C/N < 21dB)


The S2X’s Single Stream (Data) 
After selecting the use case by defining the C/N range, the MODCOD can be chosen depending on:

  • The bitrate to broadcast
  • The budget link capacity which gives the Es/No selection


The S2X’s Multistream 
This part offers the possibility to configure a multistream setup. The tool can manage up to 8 inputs. For each of these inputs, all parameters can be set as defined in the current standard EN 302 307.

According to these settings, the bitrate per channel can be adjusted to fit with the Symbol rate set.

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TeamCast declines all responsibilities for the usage of this evaluation tool. The accuracy of all data supplied by the evaluator tool is in accordance with the system implementation guidelines having the following references:

  • DVB-S2X = BlueBook A83-2 / EN302307-2
  • DVB-S2 = BlueBook A83-1 / EN302307-1
  • DVB-S= ETSI EN 300 421.

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