DTTV Content Regionalization

Provide relevant contents to the viewers & reduce OPEX drastically


DTTV Content Regionalisation solution enable the delivery of Regional or Local services over Terrestrial SFN Networks while saving operating OPEX by optimizing the distribution network bandwidth.


  • DVB-T2 service regionalization & ultra-local insertion
  • Bandwidth optimization to reduce annual OPEX
  • PLP substitution & PLP aggregation
  • Emergency Warning System (EWS) over DVB-T2


Enable local content insertion over DVB-T2 SFN networks

ENENSYS patented solutions to manage local content insertion into DVB-T2 multiplexes over SFN networks using PLP subsitution & aggregation mechanisms.

Reduce OPEX drastically

By delivering only once the National content, the distribution network bandwidth is optimized and the annual OPEX costs are strongly reduced.

Full support of DVB-T2 standard

ENENSYS' content regionalization solution is standard based. It follows the DVB-T2 specifications for local content insertion based on Multi-PLP and does not use proprietary information.

High QoS guaranteed

ENENSYS' content regionalization solution does not have any impact on the video quality allowing to provide high QoS.

DTTV content regionalization use case

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DTTV Content Regionalization

Technical description

  • Up to 3 PLP can be updated
  • DVB-SI updating (NIT, SDT, EIT)
  • No modification of A/V content : no service quality loss
  • Support SFN broadcasting without 1PPS reference
  • Regional services can be stat muxed
  • Jumbo-T2MI to support higher T2-MI bit rate

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DTTV Content Regionalization

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DTTV Content Regionalization