Targeted Content Insertion Management

CampaignManager is enensys’ virtualized software application that manages the delivery of targeted content and playlists towards ads servers.


  • AdsEdge files and control manager
  • Files Content Management System (CMS)
  • Regional playlist creation and update


Centralized ad server manager

From one central point, the CampaignManager manages your whole Ads insertion system. It allows each content provider to upload content to insert and playlists and to download AsRun logs as a proof of insertion. It deals with the delivery of content (ads, news,...) and playlists files to each AdsEdge on a regional basis. It monitors AdsEdge alarms and insertion status.

Control splicing for SFN network

The CampaignManager monitors all the AdsEdge of your network so that it can control the splicing per SFN area to guarantee SFN broadcasting, based on the configuration and the content availability on each AdsEdge of a same region.

Playlist manager

Based on industry-standard interfaces, the CampaignManager allows you to create from scratch, edit or duplicate a playlist compliant with SCTE118-3 standard. Providers can also upload their own SCTE118-3 or CSV playlists over FTP.

System diagram

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Technical Features

  • Virtualized appliance running on standard servers
  • SCTE118-3 compliant for playlists and AsRun logs
  • Topology management
  • Content provisioning through FTP
  • Content checking (spots, playlists)
  • Regional playlists creation/edition/duplication
  • In-band or out-of-band files delivery
  • SFN manual or automatic control
  • AsRun logs automatic download from AdsEdge
  • AsRun logs available for traffic system
  • Live monitoring/statistics

Technical specifications



SCTE118-3 for playlist and AsRun logs


MPEG-2 TS files based
SCTE118-3 and CSV Playlists

Content checking

Check playlist compliancy with SCTE118-3 standard, codecs and content files format

Playlist management

Enable to create, update and duplicate regional playlists

Files delivery

Out-of-band files delivery over FTP (Push or Pull mode)
In-band files delivery using FDP

SFN Management

Automatic or manual splicing control per SFN area to guarantee SFN broadcasting

AsRun logs

Automatic fetch of AsRun logs
Analysis for Ad insertion monitoring
Available for traffic system


Outstanding dashboard to monitor at a glance the full operational system
Monitoring at AdsEdge, content, service and region levels

Users management

Separate and secured users access between administrator and all providers.
Each provider can access only to its files


1+1 automatic redundancy based on active/standby mode


HTML5 Web-based interface


VMWare ESXI 6.5

Ordering codes


Targeted Content Insertion Manager



Manage of up to 100x AdsEdge


Manage of 100x additional AdsEdge


Server to host Campaign Manager

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