MWC 2019 5G-XCast Demo, Video Interview and What is 5G-XCast Video. Find Them Here.

ENENSYS-Expway is happy to announce you that our 5G-Xcast demo at Mobile World Congress 2019 worked great and drew a lot of interest. We showed the concept of large scale media delivery in 5G powered by MooD and free-to-air distribution of enhanced media services to TVs and smartphones:

– Adaptive unicast/broadcast switching based on user demand (known as MooD)
– Live TV Broadcast with Additional On-demand Services over Unicast

Special thanks to IRT and EBU) for helping to make this demo successful in such a short time, and for such an important event like MWC.

A joint EBU, IRT and EXP press release can be read here:

Video interview about 5G-XCast (David Gomez Barquero from UPV, Darko Ratkaj from EBU and Claude Seyrat from Enensys-Expway appeared in the video) can be seen here:

There is also a video explaining what 5G-XCast is all about here:

More photos below: