Signaling & Delivery server for ATSC 3.0 network

MediaCast is ENENSYS’s virtualized software designed to support the delivery of live content from HEVC encoders or of non-real-time content over ATSC 3.0 networks using ROUTE or MMTP protocols


  • Linear contents delivery over ROUTE or MMTP
  • App-based service delivery over ROUTE
  • Electronic Service Guide (ESG) delivery over ROUTE
  • Emergency Alert Information (AEA) delivery over ROUTE
  • ATSC 3.0 signaling tables generation


Delivery of live HEVC encoders

ATSC3.0 has defined HEVC as the video encoding format. The ATSC3.0 encoders generate either DASH or MPU segments containing all the audiovisual content. Then, MediaCast can interface with multiple encoders and aims at delivering DASH segments over a ROUTE IP stream and MPU segments over a MMTP IP stream.

Non-real time service delivery

Non-real Time (NRT) services are applications generated by data server for delivering Electronic Service Guide (ESG), Emergency Alert Service (AEA), interactive applications or any kind of content to be download into the receiver. The MediaCast is designed to deliver NRT services over ROUTE protocol.

Service signaling

Service Signaling provides service discovery and description information. The Service List Table (SLT) enables the receiver to build a basic service list and bootstrap the discovery of the SLS for each ATSC 3.0 service. The SLT can enable very rapid acquisition of basic service information. The Service Layer Signaling (SLS) enables the receiver to discover and access ATSC 3.0 services and their content components. The MediaCast aims at generating both SLT and SLS and delivering them over ROUTE and MMTP protocols.

ATSC 3.0 global architecture

Key points

  • Virtualized appliance running on standard servers
  • Standardized WebDav protocol to interface with encoders
  • DASH & MPU segments management in input
  • ATSC 3.0 signaling generation and delivery
  • IP Multicast outputs over ROUTE/MMTP protocols
  • Intuitive HTLM5 GUI to easily setup the product and monitor the services
  • SNMPv3 support

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Technical Features

  • Virtualized application designed for the delivery of multimedia data on ATSC3.0 network
  • Enable to aggregate up to 20 Live and NRT contents towards IP Multicast outputs
  • Support of ROUTE to deliver MPEG-DASH segments and MMTP to deliver Media Processing Units (MPU)
  • ATSC 3.0 Signaling generation

Technical specifications



Manage up to 20 Live and NRT contents

DASH/MPU segments

WebDAV interface

NRT files

FTP or HTTP GET provisionning



Multicast UDP/IP streams


ATSC standard

V3.0 support

ROUTE delivery

DASH segments or NRT files encapsulation into LCT sessions and ROUTE signaling for ROUTE delivery

MMTP delivery

MPU segment encapsulation into MMT packet and MMT signaling for MMTP delivery


Service description to generate LLS/SLT tables
SLS fragments generation and delivery


SNMPV3 support
Service bit rate and video monitoring



1 Ethernet interface for MediaCast management (GUI & alarms).


1 Ethernet interface to receive DASH/MPU segments and deliver in output IP multicast streams over ROUTE or MMTP protocol.



VMWare ESXI 6.5

Server reference

PowerEdge R330 / Intel® Xeon® E3-1260L v5 2.9GHz

Time management

NTP client


HTML5 Web-based interface

Ordering codes


ATSC 3.0 file delivery software supporting ROUTE and MMT delivery (limited to 1 service by default)



Management of up to 5 services


Management of up to 20 services


Server to host MediaCast software

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