Expway eMBMS Middleware

Carrier Grade LTE Broadcast component for any device

Expway Middleware is a software library that implements the 3GPP eMBMS specifications. It is compatible with a wide variety of LTE devices. It allows end-users to enjoy unsurpassed Quality of Experience when watching high quality videos and downloading content, while reducing the operator’s transmission cost. It is certified and deployed by multiple mobile network operators, chip manufacturers, and device makers.


Expway Middleware can be provided as compiled code for Linux and Android Operating Systems. It can be integrated with the device’s LTE Modem using on of the following APIs: • Expway AIDL modem interface for Android; • Expway AT Commands modem interface; • Expway native C modem interface. Expway Middleware is delivered with an SDK library, application and project for application development.


How it Works

Expway Middleware receives multimedia content transmitted by eMBMS. It supports Forward Error Correction (FEC) and File Repair for both live stream and push content, to insure the best possible Quality-of-Experience (QoE). It can automatically switch between Unicast and Multicast delivery according to the available network. It sends back service consumption data, enabling operators to gather usage statistics and QoE reports.

Network Interoperability

Expway Middleware was put through numerous heavy interoperability tests with leading Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and Radio Access Network (RAN) vendors such as Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent), Huawei, Ericsson and Samsung Networks. It works with several different vendor networks, dramatically reducing integration costs and headaches.

Modem Agnostic

The Expway Modem Abstraction Layer allows Expway Middleware to be integrated with any LTE modem which supports eMBMS. It works with a growing number of LTE chips, including Qualcomm, Samsung, Intel, Mediatek, Spreadtrum, GCT, Sequans and Altair. Applications developed with the Expway Middleware, work on all compatible devices.

Works On Any Device

Its unique architecture is designed to be easily ported on any type of device, including smartphones, tablets, Mifi, Home Gateways, Set-top boxes, ruggedized devices, C-V2X devices... regardless of the operating system - Android, Windows or Linux.

Flexible Deployment

We offer operators several ways to integrate Expway Middleware in their devices. With Expway, Mobile Network Operators (MNO) can opt to use open market devices or define their own device and middleware specifications. Expway Middleware gives device makers and MNOs the utmost flexibility, choice and control they need, to insure their solutions are cutting-edge and market leading.

Key points

  • 3GPP Rel 14 Compliance
  • MCOP (Mission-Critical Group Communication Open Platform) Compliance: integration API for eMBMS operations.

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Expway eMBMS Middleware

Technical Features

– Group Communication Delivery Method

– Service Discovery

  • bootstrap file acquisition over HTTP
  • User Service Announcement acquisition over MBMS bearer
  • User Service Announcement acquisition over HTTP

– Streaming delivery method (RTP reception)

– Download delivery method (file reception, DASH & HLS media reception)

  • FEC (Raptor 10, Reed Solomon and LDPC-Staircase schemes)

– Associated Delivery Procedures o File Repair

  • Reception Reporting
  • RAck – Reception Acknowledgement
  • StaR – Statistical Reporting for successful reception
  • StaR-all – Statistical Reporting for all content reception
  • StaR-only

– Statistical Reporting without Reception Acknowledgement

  • QoE metrics
  • networkResourceCellId
  • numberOfLostObjects
  • numberOfReceivedObjects
  • Consumption Reporting

– MBMS Metadata

– MooD (MBMS operation on Demand)

Technical specifications



eMBMS support over LTE
Full 3GPP Rel14 support

3GPP Mission Critical

Group Communication Services : MCPTT, MCData, MCVideo, MCx

Service Delivery

Streaming: RTP, HLS, DASH (template or timeline), CMAF Low Latency
Group Communication
File Download, File Carousel, auto-update
Service Announcement and In-band updates
FLUTE/FEC : no-code, Raptor10, RS-LDPC, FEC-Frame

Associated Delivery Procedures

File Repair,
Reception Report / QoE,
Consumption Report / MooD

Associated Delivery Procedures

File Repair,
Reception Report / QoE,
Consumption Report / MooD

Ordering codes

eMBMS Middleware

• Modem Management: methods for registering an application to the middleware, starting and stopping the eMBMS service, and getting notifications from the modem,
• Service Announcement: methods for downloading the session parameters from an HTTP server (bootstrap file acquisition) and the Service Announcement over MBMS bearer or HTTP,
• Service Information: methods for obtaining the list of services and associated information,
• DASH & HLS: methods for opening and closing DASH and HLS services,
• File Download: methods for managing download delivery method services using the FLUTE protocol,
• RTP Streaming: methods for opening and closing MBMS Streaming delivery services using RTP,
• Group Communication: methods for opening and closing a Group Communication service, and receive notifications about availability of a TMGI, SAI list information and Cell information.



eMBMS Middleware for Android


eMBMS Middleware for Linux


eMBMS Middleware for Android dedicated to Mission-Critical Group Communication

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Expway eMBMS Middleware

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Expway eMBMS Middleware