ENENSYS IP Switchs updated for complete IP Network and Equipment redundancy

ENENSYS, designers and manufacturers of digital TV transmission technologies, is today revealing powerful upgrades to its IP Switch technology for redundancyIPGuardV2.

Launched earlier this year, IPGuardV2 is ENENSYS’ response to the redundancy challenge provided by the huge growth in the use of IP streams. As well as its core redundancy capabilities, the system also includes advanced switching criteria specifically designed for the broadcast and related media markets.

It is a transparent IP switch that provides complete network and equipment redundancy of any digital TV standard product and delivery network. It works across standards and formats and is vital in maintaining service. It benefits from dedicated features and switching criteria for TS (DVB-T, ATSC), BTS (ISDB-T) and T2-MI (DVB-T2).

IPGuardV2 is now using SMPTE 2022-7 to expand its capabilities beyond analysis of the video transport stream inside the overall UDP stream. It can view and check the RTP header and synchronise and switch according to that. This allows additional switching capabilities, analysing any service that’s delivered over RTP. For example, this could be cable TV or IPTV service delivery or SDI-over-IP services/technology, which are likely applications.

It is scalable from one to six modules in 1 RU with daisy chaining options and it’s capable of managing 396 IP Streams in 1RU, housed in ENENSYS’ HDc (High Density Chassis) technology.

Jean-Baptiste Marie, Product Marketing, Switches, with ENENSYS, said, “As the broadcast and wider media industries fully embrace IP, both within facilities and more broadly as the fundamental protocol that underpins signal transport, so we have risen to the challenge of transparent switching with the latest version of IPGuardV2. Providing comprehensive redundancy is vital in ensuring quality of service across delivery chains, essential in today’s highly competitive media landscape.”