2:1 Smart IP streams switching

IPGuardV2 is ENENSYS’ unique and secure solution that enables 1+1 automatic redundancy of IP streams with bypass mechanism.


Hdc front panel

Secure any full IP infrastructures

  • Automatic switch-over between IP-based equipment
  • Seamless switching between contribution or distribution IP links



Secure your IP infrastructures

IPGuardV2 switches automatically between IP-based devices or IP networks by selecting the best streams based on configurable criteria.

Unique on the market

IPGuardV2 is the only IP transparent switch on the market that does not modify the IP streams, leading to a straightforward integration into existing network infrastructures.

100% service availability for great viewers experience

By checking continuously the broadcasted contents and by being highly reliable, the IPGuardV2 allows the operator to provide a great experience to their customers ensuring a high QoS.

Scale processing capabilities according to your needs

As one IPGuardV2 module manages up to 66 streams and 6x IPGuardV2 can be embedded in 1U, scale the configuration in line with your processing needs and expand the processing capacity dynamically.

Unmatched set of switching criteria

According to your applications, IPGuardV2 provides the most suitable set of conditions triggering the switch from main to backup. From basic IP triggers to advanced audio/video conditions (ETR290), customize accurately your switching rules.

Safe DTT SFN broadcasting

Used with ENENSYS' gateways and SFN adapter, IPGuardV2 prevents from facing DTV blackout or audio/video glitches when problems occur in your infrastructure in DVB-T/T2, ISDB-Tb, ATSC3.0...

Convenient for DTT, CATV & IPTV

Due to its high processing capability and the number of switching criteria available, IPGuardV2 can be setup in any IP infrastructures, securizing every distribution or contribution links.

Use cases

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Technical Features

  • 1+1 automatic switching of IP equipment and networks
  • Seamless switch over TS, T2-MI, BTS and RTP streams
  • SMPTE2022-7
  • FEC generation for IP streams
  • Network transparent bridge
  • Network address translation
  • IP streams duplication
  • Synchronize outgoing IP streams of different locations
  • Bypass or Passthru

Technical specifications



1x Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45) for GUI/SNMP


2x Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45) for IP input streams
2x optionnal SFP ports



2x mirrored Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45) for IP output streams
2x optional SFP ports


Bypass mechanism to always output IP streams in case of power outage


UDP/IP stream management

Unicast/Multicast stream
RTP support
VLAN management

IP switch

Up to 60 IP streams managed
Up to 6 TS/T2-MI over IP analyzed
Up to 6 BTS over IP analyzed
IP Bypass for service availability

Seamless switch

Seamless switch-over between the same TS,T2-MI or BTS carried over IP
Seamless switch-over between identical RTP streams
SMPTE2022-7 compliant
Alignement of delayed streams

Switching modes

Automatic switch
Priority input
Manual switch

Switching conditions

IP alarms (presence, bit rate,...)
ETR290, MIP, and T2-MI alarms
Advanced TS alarms
RTP packets loss

Daisy chain mode

Serialization of several IPGuards to increase processing capacities

FEC management

SMPTE 2022-1 (Pro MPEG CoP#3)
FEC input correction (TSoIP)
FEC output distribution (TSoIP)
FEC output generation (option)

Monitoring supervision

Real-time monitoring of incoming streams
Web-based GUI
Full SNMP v2 support



43mm / 1.69in.


443,7mm / 17.46 in.


322,8mm / 12,70 in.


1 RU, width 19"

Front Panel

LCD Display and control

Power supply

100-240V 50-60Hz - 48V DC (option)

Power consumption




HDc back panel

Ordering codes


Automatic IP redundancy switch modules with 2x IP inputs and 2x IP outputs



Seamless switching between TS/T2-MI streams


Seamless switching between identical RTP streams


FEC generation on the outputs


Share processing with another IPGuardV2


Peering of several IPGuardV2 to synchronize selected input


ETR290 and advanced switching criteria for 1/2/6 MPEG2-TS

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