ENENSYS is launching its latest technology – Campaign Manager for AdsEdge – to allow DTT and cable network operators and broadcasters to increase revenues via highly cost-effective local content insertion.

Campaign Manager for AdsEdge joins the AdsEdge range, which provides targeted local content insertion in DTT and cable networks – typically ads, news, and weather. AdsEdge is a combination of server and splicer and is placed at the edge of networks (transmission sites, cable POPs) to provide dedicated, targeted content insertion based on geographical location.

Campaign Manager is the missing element that simplifies and ensures smooth operation of the overall content delivery process. It’s a central server application that works by interfacing with the automation system (receiving playlists), the broadcast delivery chain, internal or external content servers and with AdsEdge to ensure that the right content is received correctly and is supplied to the splicer in the correct timeframe.

Campaign Manager also ensures that this content is delivered to air and then provides comprehensive reports and statistics to all those involved – broadcaster, network operator and content provider – once the content has been aired.


Richard Lhermitte, VP of Sales and Marketing with ENENSYS, said, “Campaign Manager is an important addition to AdsEdge as it fills a very real gap in the market. We are responding to a consistent issue that we have discovered while providing local content insertion. We have used our vast experience to develop a technologically elegant solution, one that provides peace of mind when it comes to accurate – and monetizable – content insertion.”


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