ENENSYS, is announcing the launch of DTTCaster at IBC 2016. This provides highly cost-effective off-air reception and retransmission of DTT signals at transmitter sites where other connectivity isn’t possible or is cost-prohibitive.

DTTCaster, a brand new product, is an important addition to ENENSYS’ DTT network regionalisation and optimisation portfolio. It allows highly cost-effective retransmission of DTT networks at regional/local transmitter sites where IP (microwave, fibre and so on) or satellite connectivity isn’t possible or is too expensive. In terms of the former, this is usually down to either geography or cost or a combination of the two. C-band satellite reception at local transmitter sites isn’t always possible either as the dishes are very large and there’s surrounding infrastructure required too. Of course with satellite there are also capacity costs to consider.

DTTCaster allows reception of network content using a simple antenna then re-generates that content on another frequency. This provides low-cost, high-quality retransmission of a network. With DVB-T2, ENENSYS has developed an innovative and fully standards-compliant solution that allows the rebroadcasting of Single Frequency Network content in both single PLP and multiple PLP mode. This allows an efficient parent/child transmitter architecture. DTTCaster units are housed in ENENSYS’s HDc chassis with a maximum of six DTTCaster units in 1U enabling the reception of 24 RF signals.