Expway eBox

eMBMS Device Acceptance and Certification Tool

Expway eBox is a compact and portable, full LTE Broadcast network, designed and packaged to run preliminary LTE Broadcast lab evaluations, and pre-carrier-validation tests.


  • Device certification
  • Device validation
  • Public Service scenario validation
  • Demonstration


How it Works

Rolling out commercial LTE Broadcast devices, applications and services is a complex, multi-step process requiring progressive network-to-device alignments with multiple debugging and verifications phases. It can also include passing stringent, costly and time-consuming carrier validation tests. Expway eBox for LTE Broadcast improves carrier testing sucess rates - cost effectively. It allows you to simulate carrier-testing conditions and comply with carrier validation workflow, process and test plans, so you can pass your next carrier test with flying colors!

For Mobile Carriers, Device Makers and Application Developers

Mobile carriers, device makers and application developers worldwide use eBox to verify their LTE Broadcast devices’ end-to-end connectivity and premium content delivery, and validate user experience quality, quickly and cost effectively.

Included In Expway eBox For LTE Broadcast

Expway eBox for LTE Broadcast is a real LTE Broadcast network - EPC and RAN, fully virtualized. It comes with the Expway BMSC - Expway’s LTE Broadcast server software - pre-installed on a small portable hardware box and a multiband radio transceiver. Also included, is the Expway Middleware to enable mission critical mobile devices for LTE Broadcast.

Key points

  • Small and portable
  • Easy to set-up and configure
  • Shortens time-to-market
  • Smoothes out validation tests
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Reduces investment risks

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Expway eBox

Technical Features

  • Fully functionnal and portable LTE network
  • EPC and RAN supporting LTE-Broadcast
  • Ready-to-run test scenarii, including Streaming, File download, Multicast-operation-on-Demand
  • supports integration with Mission Critical Application Server, or optionnaly includes MCS server
  • Multi-frequency, Multi-band, Multi-cell LTE network
  • tested with most eMBMS devices available on the marquet

Technical specifications


Proven BM-SC

Comes fully integrated with a functional carrier-grade BM-SC server and MBMS-GW
deployed by network operators worldwide

MCPTT, MCVideo, MCData

Comes with an optional pre-integrated MCS server supporting all Mission Critical services

Simple Scenario

Comes with a set of predefined validation scenarios


Supports dynamic activation and de-activation of Multicast delivery

Dynamic Resource Allocation

Supports dynamic allocation of MBMS resources

RTP Stream Management

Supports injection of external Unicast and Multicast RTP streams

DASH Stream Delivery

Pre-recorded DASH segments and interface with external CDN source

File Download

Predefined scenarios for the validation of file delivery (binary and VoD)

Multiple Cells

Possibility to control 1 or 3 cells for the validation of handover scenario


- 1x Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 for the integration with external sources like MCS server or CDN
- MB2 for integration with MCS server (TS 29.468)
- HTTP(s) for injection of external Content (DASH, HLS, Files)
- RTP for injection of external video streams
- Rx for PCRF
- WiFi AP for control functions


3GPP Release

LTE release 15, MBMS release 13 (TS 26.346)

Frequency bands

All FDD and TDD bands with support of custom frequencies (400MHz to 4.4GHz)

RF Max output power

15dBm - 20 dBm

TX Output Power Gain Range

TX Output Power Gain Range: 0 dB - 31 dB


1.4, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 MHz in LTE

Supported number of cells

1 or 3

RF Antenna

2 for the configuration with one cell and 4 for the three cells configuration


- Height 225 mm
- Width 178 mm
- Depth 319 mm
- Power Supply 100-240V 50/60Hz
- Hard drive SSD 250 Go

Ordering codes

Expway eBox

LTE Broadcast platform with Mission Critical Service interfaces



One Additional Cell Radio (2 max total), pre-installed


MC Server compliant with 3GPP specification, pre-installed

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Expway eBox

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Expway eBox