Expway BMSC

Carrier Grade Multicast Server

Expway Broadcast Multicast Service Center (Expway BMSC) is an efficient and robust Long Term Evolution (LTE) broadcast delivery server. It allows service providers to deliver high quality content to their subscribers simultaneously, with consistent Quality-of-Service (QoS), while reducing their network bandwidth costs.


  • LTE-Broadcast
  • Mission Critical Services over LTE
  • OTT / Multicast-ABR networks


How it Works

Expway BMSC delivers multimedia content with highly efficient Forward Error Correction (FEC) and File Repair for both live stream and push content, to insure the best possible Quality-of-Experience (QoE). It enables service providers to detect service consumption patterns and switch delivery between Unicast and Multicast accordingly. Expway BMSC also gathers statistics from the devices on how the services were consumed and the associated (QoE).

Carrier Grade

The largest operators across the world have put Expway BMSC through stringent evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) lab tests, live trials and commercial operations, making it one of the most robust and powerful in the market. It offers high transmission quality, with low drop and error rates. Expway BMSC broadcasts rich content with consistent QoS, while reducing spectrum usage.

Rich Functionality

We are proudly offering the 5th generation of Expway BMSC. It is FLUTE enabled by design and supports rigorous carrier requirements such as large file transmissions, real-time data feeds, rich HD video formats, and extremely fast channel switching. Expway BMSC allows streaming across multiple synchronized service areas for complete geographical coverage, allowing users to travel without session loss. Several hundred streams can be broadcasted simultaneously, scalable to thousands with a multi-server architecture.

Forward Error Correction, File Repair and Reception Reporting

Expway BMSC offers a powerful Forward Error Correction (FEC), File Repair functionality, and Reception Reporting capabilities to keep tabs on file transmission quality and ensure consistent QoS. The FEC transmits redundant bytes up front to correct potential errors without retransmission. File Repair enables individual devices to acquire missing chunks of data. Transmitted content is stored to automatically respond to lost-data requests. The Reception Reporting function stores QoE information that can eventually be processed for service improvements.

3GPP Compliant

Expway BMSC is fully compliant with 3rd Generation Partnership Project standards (3GPP). Expway has been an active 3GPP member for years. Our team chooses and implements the most relevant features from the 3GPP standards, so Expway customers can stay ahead of the competition.

Key points

  • 3GPP Rel 14 Compliance
  • Includes BM-SC / MBMS-GW / MME / MCE functions
  • Streaming : RTP/DASH/HLS/CMAF Low latency
  • Group Communications: MCPTT/MCVideo/MCData
  • Carrier Grade: Scalability, Virtualization, High Availbility, Geo-Redundancy

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Expway BMSC

Technical Features

Our Mutlicast delivery platform is suitable for LTE-Broadcast small deployments (from manpack to private LTE network) and for large scale rollouts (country wide network). It includes:

  • The BM-SC – Broadcast-Multicast Service Center, the Core element of the LTE Broadcast, responsible for service creation, ingesting content coming from live encoders and/or CDN, formatting it and broadcasting it down to eNodeBs
  • The MBMS-Gateway, integrated into our BM-SC
  • The MCE (Multi-Cell/Multicast Coordination Entity).
  • The LTE Broadcast part of the MME – Functional entity for non eMBMS ready MME

Technical specifications



eMBMS support over LTE
Full 3GPP Rel14 support
3GPP Functions supported: BM-SC, MBMS-GW, MME-B, MCE
Control and User Plane Separation of EPC nodes (CUPS)

3GPP Mission Critical

Group Communication Services : MCPTT, MCData, MCVideo, MCx
Multiple GCS-AS support
MCPTT Service Management with Expway BPM


Multicast Controler Integration (Expway BPM)
Support delivery to any IP multicast network (Cable, Satellite, …)
Seamless integration with any CDN
Multiple Origin Server support
Multi-profiles support for HLS/DASH

Service Delivery

Streaming: RTP, HLS, DASH (template or timeline), CMAF Low Latency
Group Communication
File Download, File Carousel, auto-update
Service Announcement and In-band updates
FLUTE/FEC : no-code, Raptor10, RS-LDPC, FEC-Frame

Associated Delivery Procedures

File Repair,
Reception Report / QoE,
Consumption Report / MooD


SNMP v2/3
HTML5 Web based GUI
Alarms configuration & Monitoring, Performance counters
Inventory and Configuration Management
backup & Restore

System / Architecture

Virtualized or bare-metal server
Dynamic Scalability
Active/hot-standby redundancy on Control Plane
N+P redundancy on User Plane
IPv4 / IPv6 support for all interfaces


Content Provisionning



Sm, SG-mb, SGi-mb, SGi, M1, M2, M3
MB2-C, MB2-U
xMB-C/U (with Expway BPM)

Ordering codes

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Expway BMSC

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Expway BMSC