4G/5G Broadcast


ENENSYS provides network operators a unique end-to-end solution for broadcast over 4G and 5G network. It is the most advanced eMBMS solution on the market, with the largest eMBMS commercial deployments. The solution is adapted for Mobile and Fixed Wireless Operators. It is designed to provide users with the highest quality of experiences for video over mobile.


Video QoE issues costs operators both revenue and viewers.

Recent research shows that:
• There is a direct relationship between rebuffering and abandonment
• Each instance of rebuffering results in a 1% abandonment rate
• Improving video QoE reduces churn, by 90% in one SVOD provider’s case

Telstra implemented LTE-Broadcast. Here’s what they found:

• Faster Start-Up Time: LTE-B users experience < 3 secs video start-up time compared to > 6 secs for non LTE-B users
• Better quality video: LTE-B devices stream at 720p (HD) vs. 576p (SD) for non LTE-B enabled devices
• Longer Engagement: LTE-B users stream +25% more per play compared to non LTE-B users

Broadcast Important Events

Important events such as championships, olympic games or breaking news can be streamed to millions of users simultaneously. Reach out to more paying subscribers (or increase ad eye balls) while getting rid of your video traffic peaks.

IPTV and Mobile TV

Consumers watch their favorite TV shows, from the comfort of their wherever-they-are! With guaranteed HD video quality, and without interruptions. Cutting the cable has never been easier!

Mission-Critical Communications

First responders can now talk to each other using the latest MCPTT (Mission-Critical Push-To-Talk) standards, share HD videos with MCVideo (Mission-Critical Video) and data such as detailed building maps with MCData (Mission-Critical Data) in real-time, to an unlimited number of troops, over LTE Broadcast. Commanders can track their troops and vehicle locations accurately for faster and more precise critical decision-making and improved community safety.

IoT Software Updates

The firmware/OS on our “things” in the house or the car, needs frequent updates - to correct bugs, add new features and new security updates. Deliver software updates with just one simultaneous broadcast, at a fraction of the cost of unicasting to millions of users.

Social Gaming and Live Video

Users love their social gaming apps, and their live social videos too! Reduce bandwidth during peak playing or live video watching time. Game of Thrones, Pokemon Go, Facebook Live anyone?

Binge Watching!

Binge watching behavior is highly predictable. Why not pre-load the episodes to insure the best HD quality to the users, so they can watch, anywhere, any time.

Exceptional Stadium Broadcast to Mobile

During a game in a stadium, reach thousands of fans interested in watching replays, different angle shots and teams stats on their own device – with consistent and reliable quality. Important live games from other cities can also be offered.

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4G/5G Broadcast

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