LTE Broadcast for Mobile Networks

Offload your network while enhancing customer satisfaction


Offload your data network and enhance your customers’ satisfaction with HD video experience

In the current environment of the video boom, with 4.6 billion LTE subscribers expected by the end of 2022, Mobile Network Operators (MNO) are facing challenges to keep  good customer experience and satisfaction.

LTE broadcast allows the operators to broadcast the popular contents to all subscribers. It ensures the quality of the transmitted data and thus the customer experience and satisfaction.


Massively viewed Live content

  • Linear TV
  • On site Events (Venues, Stadium, Sport)
  • Sport events (Olympic Games, FIFA world cup)

Popular content and caching

  • Statistically popular videos
  • News, Weather forecast

Optimizing Network

  • App & OS upgrades/download
  • Data Offloading featuring MooD eligible services


Enhance Customer eXperience

By offering HD video experience to your customers, whatever their number in a cell, LTE Broadcast will enhance their video experience on your network. The video is broadcasted in high quality and guarantee by Forward Correction Error (FEC) algorithms. No more buffering and stalling, long start delay and low video resolution.

Easy integration in your existing infrastructure

As a key stakeholder of 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project), ENENSYS ensures the 3GPP compliancy of its solutions, and integrates your existing or planned LTE systems whatever the vendor interfacing with our product. The fully virtualized MobiBMSC offers a wide range of leading edge services, from full MB2 implementation to xMB.

An MBSFN Expert at your service

Benefit from Enensys expertise in Multicast-Broadcast Single Frequency Networks. With its experience as an International leader in Multicast-Broadcast Single-Frequency Networks (MBSFN), Enensys embeds its recognized SYNC protocol and SFN broadcast networks management in your LTE Broadcast solution.

Grow your broadcast services as you need

According to your needs and the complexity of your infrastructure (from a private to a country wide network), ENENSYS solution dynamically adapts the processing capabilities. It allows you to increase the capacity of your eMBMS solution following your customers’ needs.

Key points

With 3GPP standardized LTE Broadcast technology (eMBMS), Telecom operators dedicate a part of their network capacity to broadcast the most popular contents (Video, linear TV, Software upgrades…). The allocated spectrum capacity results in efficient High Quality video delivery with good customer experience.

Public Safety & Mission Critical players also uses the LTE Broadcast to communicate within groups and deliver data content such as geolocated maps and videos.

Broadcasters use LTE broadcast with high towers to enhance the existing terrestrial broadcasting and bring new services to their customers (mobile content delivery).

ENENSYS’ solutions offer the capability for Telecom operators, Public Safety players and Broadcasters to easily add LTE Broadcast to their existing 4G infrastructure.

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LTE Broadcast for Mobile Networks

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LTE Broadcast for Mobile Networks

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LTE Broadcast for Mobile Networks