TeamCast Vortex II

ATSC 3.0 / ATSC 1.0 High-End Exciter

Vortex II

Vortex II is as a very optimized and unique platform supporting both ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 terrestrial TV standards. It meets transmitter manufacturer’s demand for integrating a “ready-to-use”and straight-forward high-end exciter within their new ATSC 1.0/3.0 transmitter designs. It also meets broadcasters’ demand for upgrading their existing transmitter using a high-end and cost-effective exciter.


Vortex II
  • Straight-forward integration in a new ATSC 3.0 transmitter design dedicated to early tests & trials and to commercial roll-outs
  • Update/recycle of existing ATSC 1.0 transmitters within the US Repack process
  • Transmitter update to make it ATSC 3.0 Ready


ATSC 1.0 / ATSC 3.0 dual cast modulation core

Vortex II exciter is already in use across the USA for powering ATSC 3.0 pilot projects and many other projects linked to the Spectrum Repack, where its dual cast capability is a key feature for the switching from ATSC 1.0 to ATSC 3.0.

Straightforward integration within transmitter

Fully controlled via a friendly WEB GUI and via SNMP, Vortex II features some very unique functionalities dedicated to ease the integration within existing transmitters such as a Power Measurement Unit (measuring in real-time the forward and reflected power levels), the TX power ON/OFF control system and the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) mechanism.

OPEX reduction thanks to better efficiency

Vortex II features the latest state-of-the-art Digital Adaptive Pre-correction (DAP) circuits achieving unequalled performances thanks to GAP© (Green Adaptive Processing) option targeting Green Transmitting.
In that way, very high level of MER and shoulders can be reached, allowing High Efficiency and Green Transmitting!

ATSC 3.0 global architecture

Key points

Top class of RF signal performances
Transmitter efficiency optimization thanks to unmatched Adaptive
Precorrection algorithm
Allow the Digital TV transition toward ATSC 3.0 thanks to a multi-standard modulation core
Most advanced ATSC 3.0 technology
Straightforward integration within transmitter
Built-in Satellite Demodulator
Monitoring of Transmitter RF signal (MER, Shoulders, Crest Factor and level)
Easy to set-up and configure with friendly Web GUI, SNMP, GPIO and Front Panel Display

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TeamCast Vortex II

Technical Features

  • ATSC 3.0 / ATSC 1.0 / DVB-T2 standards
  • MFN and SFN modes (TxID insertion)
  • Advanced ATSC 3.0 features (LDM, MISO,HTI,…)
  • Up to 8 PLPs and 2 subframes supported
  • GAP© option for Non Linear pre corrections
  • Sharp Filter profile for Linear pre corrections
  • Forward and reflected power Measurement with protection mechanism
  • Built-In Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Input Seamless switching
  • STL FEC input management
  • Onboard GPS
  • Up to +20dBm output
  • Web GUI & SNMP
  • Log file

Technical specifications



2x ASI/SMPTE inputs (BNC 75 Ω)
4x Gigabit Ethernet data ports (RJ45)
- Protocols: UDP, IP, IGMP (V2 & V3)
- STL interface (ATSC 3.0)
- T2-MI interface (DVB-T2)
1x Satellite input (F 75 Ω) - x402 model


3x Gigabit control ports (RJ45) for GUI and SNMP (1x on front panel)
2 x GPI inputs and 4x GPO outputs for external switch and PA control
1x RS232 connector

Digital Adaptive Precorrections

2x RF feedback inputs (SMA 50 Ω) for linear and non-linear adaptive precorrections

Power measurement

2x RF inputs (SMA 50 Ω) for reflected and forward powers measurement and AGC control


1x input antenna (SMA 50 Ω) for internal GPS clock
1x PPS input/output (BNC 50 kΩ)
1x10MHz input (BNC 50 Ω)


RF outputs

1x RF output (N 50 Ω), UHF / VHF Band I & III
0dBm max. (3000 model)
+14dBm max. (4102 model)
+20dBm max. (4000 model)

1x RF monitoring (SMA 50 Ω)
-20dB compare to main output


1x ASI output (BNC 75 Ω)


1x 10MHz output (BNC 50 Ω)



ATSC 3.0: A/322:2017, A/324:2018 (STL)
ATSC 1.0: A/53, A/54, A/64
DVB-T2: EN 302 755 v1.4.1, TS 102 831, TS 102 773 (T2-MI)

Digital Adaptive Precorrections

Linear adaptive precorrections, specific mode for Sharp Filter profiles
Non- linear adaptive precorrections with GAP® option
Crest Factor Reduction (PAPR) and Protection clipping


MER, shoulders, crest factor and forward/reflected power

Automatic Gain Compensation (AGC)

Based on VDC (external sensor) or RF input - user selectable
User-configurable AGC high limit
Reflected Power protection mechanism

Stream Process and Modulation

Stream input redundancy management
Transmission modes: MFN, SFN
Test modes: PRBS, Sinus, Spectrum Gap, Null Symbol
ATSC 3.0
- TDM, multi-PLP, LDM, MISO
- Time interleaving: CTI, HTI

Satellite Demodulator (Option on x402 model)

Standards: DVB-S and DVB-S2
GSE / MPE De-encapsulation
Sat. Loop output

Control & Monitoring

Web GUI, SNMP and Log file
LCD Front Panel Display









1 RU, width 19"


4.5 Kg

Front Panel

LCD Display and control

Power supply

110-240VAC 50-60Hz

Operating temperature range

0°C to 50°C

Power consumption

Up to 70W for 3000 model, 120W for 4000 model



Ordering codes


ATSC 1.0/3.0 rack modulator (0dBm) with VHF I & III and UHF output, DAP and onboard GPS


ATSC 1.0/3.0 rack exciter (+20dBm) with VHF I & III and UHF output, DAP and onboard GPS


Add onboard satellite input



ATSC 3.0 software license


STL-FEC software license (ATSC 3.0)


Advanced features software license – Up to 8 PLP and 2 sub-frames, MISO (ATSC 3.0)


LDM software license (ATSC 3.0)


DVB-T2 software license


TSoIP input streaming software licence (DVB-T2)


T2-Lite software license (DVB-T2)


GAP (Enhanced DAP) software license


Satellite/GSE input software license


Satellite/MPE input software license


AGC (Automatic Gain Control) software license


SNMP client software license


Redundancy software license

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TeamCast Vortex II

For more informations on

TeamCast Vortex II