TeamCast  Twister II Dualdrive Kit

High-End Rack DVB-T/T2 DTMB ISDB-T/TB Modulator/Exciter Dualdrive Kit

The TWISTER II Dualdrive kit is the solution to upgrade any existing transmitter with an autonomous dualdrive system. It includes 2 TWISTER II, 1 RF switch and the needed cables.


  • Update/recycle of existing transmitters
  • Allow maintenance on obsolete transmitters
  • Transmitter update to new technology
  • Straightforward integration within transmitter
  • Ready-to-drive Power Amplifier Stages


Straightforward integration within transmitter

The TWISTER II Dualdrive kit combines two TWISTER II digital exciters and a RF switch unit. At the system management level, specific functionalities have been designed to simplify the system configuration and user operation. The RF switch unit is fully and transparently managed by the TWISTER II exciters, covering a comprehensive set of parameters such as the multiple switching triggers.

Transmitter Optimization

TWISTER II Digital Adaptive Precorrection circuits (including GAP® - Green Adaptive Processing - algorithm) permits to run transmitters very closed to their saturation limit, with unequalled RF signal performances and allowing significant gain in transmitter Power Efficiency.

Ready-to-drive Power Amplifier

TWISTER II includes specific features to drive power amplifier from transmitter such as AGC (Automatic Gain Control) that allows TWISTER II to ensure a perfect stability of the transmitter output power. It is possible thanks to feedback input dedicated to forward power measurement.

Reflected Power Protection

TWISTER II helps to protect the transmitter against reflected power thanks to fast protection mechanisms. A dedicated feedback input is used to measure the reflected power. 2 protection mechanisms are available: protection against critically high level of reflected power or protection against smooth rising level of reflected power

Stand-alone System

As a stand-alone system, TWISTER II Dualdrive kit can be easily used to upgrade a transmitter that was not including a dualdrive system. With an automatic cloning system (including parameters and precorrection curves) from one TWISTER II to the other one, there is no need for an additional controller to administrate such system.

Key points

  • Autonomous system
  • Built-In AGC
  • DAP with «Green Adaptive Processing»
  • Embedded Power Measurements Unit
  • N+1 Management
  • Fast interlocks
  • Full DVB-T2 modes
  • Onboard GPS/GLONASS
  • Web GUI & SNMP
  • Logfile

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TeamCast  Twister II Dualdrive Kit

Technical Features

  • Compliant with DVB-T, DVB-T2, DTMB and IDSB-T/TB standards
  • Full system including cables
  • Support MFN and SFN networks
  • Multiple PLP support
  • SISO/MISO support
  • Input Seamless switching
  • DVB-T2 Base / DVB-T2 Lite “mixed” mode support

Technical specifications


ASI Stream Interfaces

- 2 x ASI input BNC connectors - 75 Ω
- 1 x ASI output BNC connector - 75 Ω
- 188/204 Bytes- 80 Mbps maxi. Packet/burst mode

IP Stream Interfaces

- 4 x 10/100/1000 base-T - RJ45
- Protocols: IP, RTP, UDP, IGMP (V2 & V3)
- VLAN ID (1 to 4094) - IEEE 802.1q
- TS encapsulation and FEC decoding: SMPTE-2022

Control / Monitoring

- 2 + 1x 10/100/1000 base-T Ethernet ports - Web GUI and SNMP
- LCD Front Panel Display
- 2 x GPI and 4 x GPO for external switch and PA control
- Additional CONTROL connector for N+1 management: 8 GPI & 2 fast INTERLOCK inputs


RF output

- Ouput bands: UHF, VHF Band I & III
- Up to 0 dBm (TW2x-3xxx), up to 14dBm (TW2x-4xxx) - N connector 50 Ω
- High MER: 44dB (typical)
- Low level (-30 dB) output available for monitoring - SMA connector 50 Ω



- DVB-T2: EN 302 755 v1.3.1, TS 102 831, TS 102 773 (T2-MI)
- DVB-T: EN 300 744, TS 101 191
- ISDB-T/TB: ARIB STB-B31 and TR-B14
- DTMB: GB20600-2006, GY/T 229.1-2008 (SIP)

Clock and Synchronization

- 10 MHz & 1 PPS input/output


SNR, left & right shoulders, forwarded & reflected powers

Stream Process and Modulation

- Stream input redundancy management
- Transmission modes: MFN, SFN
- T2-Lite support (option)
- Test modes: PRBS, Sinus, Spectrum-Gap and Null Symbol insertion

Digital Adaptive Precorrections

- Linear DAP: Amplitude ±3 dB, Delay 0 to 3μs
- Non Linear DAP: Phase ±180°
- Crest Factor Reduction (PAPR) and Protection clipping
- 2 x RF feedback inputs for DAP: -15 dBm to -5 dBm - SMA connector 50 Ω


- VDC (external sensor) or RF input - user selectable
- User-configurable AGC high limit

N+1 Management

- Up to 8 profiles
- Full configuration in a profile incl. precorrections
- Profile selection using GPI or IP protocol



44 mm / 1.7 in. per rack


483 mm / 19 in. per rack


250 mm / 98.42 in. for TWISTER 285 mm / 112.2 in. for RF switch


4.5 kgs


1RU, 19'' width

Power supply


Power consumption


Ordering codes


Dualdrive kit with DVB-T/T2 TWISTER II exciter +14dBm UHF, VHF band I & III output, DAP adaptive precorrections, onboard GPS and CTRL port, 1 RF switch and cables


onboard GPS + GLONASS



TSoIP input streaming license for TWISTER II - only for DVB-T & DVB-T2 standards


T2-Lite software license for TWISTER II


Green Adaptive Processing (GAP) software license for TWISTER II


Automatic Gain Control software license for TWISTER II


SNMP client software license for TWISTER II


ISDB-T/TB software license for TWISTER II


DTMB software license for TWISTER II

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TeamCast  Twister II Dualdrive Kit

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TeamCast  Twister II Dualdrive Kit