TeamCast MT2-2000

DVB-T/T2 OEM Modulator

The MT2-2000 product is the most integrated and cost effective DVB-T and DVB-T2 modulator for addressing the OEM market. It comes as very compact and easy to integrate OEM modulator, featuring manual Digital Linear and Non-Linear Pre-correction circuits and providing best-in-class RF signal performance. It has been specially designed to meet transmitter manufacturers’ requirements to integrate reduced form factor and low cost OEM modulator solutions within their Low Power transmitter designs.
The MT2-2210 product incorporates latest state-of-the-art PAL digital modulation.


  • Transmitter manufacturing
  • DVB-T/T2 or PAL transmission


Low footprint

Thanks to its compact form factor, MT2-2000 can be easily integrated into a transmitter. It comes with a complete software API that allows the user to integrate the control and monitoring of the module into its own software

State of the art modulation technologies

"MT2-2000 inherits from the world-wide leading DVB-T2 and PAL technologies designed by Enensys-TeamCast already in use in most of the commercial networks today in operation.
Enensys-TeamCast modulation cores brings unmatched standard usage flexibility.
DVB-T2 modulation core supports
MFN System A, SFN System B, SISO/MISO, Multi-PLP layered modulation and hybrid T2-Base & T2-Lite simultaneous transmission."

Key points

Top class of RF signal performances
World-wide leading and proven DVB-T2 or PAL technologies
Hybrid T2-Base + T2-Lite transmission
Cost-effective, reliable and compact OEM design

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TeamCast MT2-2000

Technical Features

  • Compliant with DVB-T/T2 or PAL standards
  • ASI and IP inputs redundancy
  • Onboard GPS/Glonass
  • Single 12VDC power supply

Technical specifications


ASI Stream Interfaces

2 x ASI input SMA connectors - 75 Ω
1 x ASI output SMA connector - 75 Ω
188/204 Bytes- 80 Mbps maxi. Packet/burst mode

IP Stream Interfaces

2 x 10/100/1000 base-T - RJ45
Protocols: IP, RTP, UDP, IGMP (V2 & V3)
VLAN ID (1 to 4094) - IEEE 802.1q
TS encapsulation and FEC decoding: SMPTE-2022

Control / Monitoring

1 x 10/100/1000 base-T Ethernet port
1 x RS232 + 1 x RS485 serial control ports
Web GUI for control and monitoring"


RF output

VHF/UHF output: 30 MHz up to 900 MHz, 1Hz step
up to +0 dBm – SMA connector 50 Ω
High MER: 44dB (typical)"



DVB-T2: EN 302 755, TS 102 831, TS 102 773 (T2-MI)
DVB-T: EN 300 744, TS 101 191
PAL: ITU-R BT.470-7, ITU-R BT.1700, ITU-R BT.1701-1
NICAM Audio: EN 300 163 V1.2.1 (NICAM 728)
SDI: SMPTE 259M-C, ITU-R BT.601-4, ITU-R BT.656-4

Stream Process and Modulation

".Stream input redundancy management (primary & secondary)
.Transmission modes: MFN, SFN-SISO, SFN-MISO
Modulation modes: System A, System B, Multi-PLP
T2-Lite 1.3.1 Annex 1 (option)
Test modes: PRBS, Sinus, Spectrum-Gap and Null
Symbol insertion

Digital Precorrection

Manual Linear and Non-Linear pre-correction
Signal Clipping (PAPR)

Analogue Video Input and Process (for PAL version)

Format: CVBS PAL B/G, D/K, I, H, N - 625 lines
SMB connector - 75 Ω
Input Level: 1Vpp
Return loss: >34dB (up to 5.5MHz)
SNR (weighted): ≥60dB RMS
Non-Linear precorrection (amplitude & phase, plus
independant luma & chroma pre-correction)
.Linear precorrection (amplitude & group delay)
Test modes: CCIR, Color bars, Sin(x)/x....

Analogue Audio Input (for PAL version)

2 x analogue audio inputs - 6 pins connector
Balanced & unbalanced
Impedance: 600 Ω / 10 kΩ selectable
Return loss: >30dB (between 30Hz to 15kHz)
SNR: <-60dB Modes: Mono, Dual, Stereo NICAM-728 encoding for digital sound broadcast (option)



35 mm / 1.378 in.


240 mm / 9.45 in.


110 mm / 4.33 in.


1 kgs


Size C (proprietary format)

Power supply


Power consumption



Ordering codes


DVB-T modulator - DVB-T2 ready - with RF output (UHF/VHF) - Size C


DVB-T2 modulator board - no metallic cover


Module with onboard GPS


Module with onboard GPS/Glonass


PAL / DVB-T modulator - DVB-T2 ready - with RF output (UHF/VHF)



DVB-T2 software licence for MT2




T2-Lite software licence for MT2

XTTO-MT20-NICA (for PAL version)

NICAM 728 encoding software licence for MT2

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TeamCast MT2-2000

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TeamCast MT2-2000