Expway BPM

Full-featured and Customizable Provisioning Management Server

Expway Broadcast Provisioning Manager (Expway BPM) allows Content Delivery Networks (CDN), and Mobile Network Operators (MNO) to easily set-up and manage LTE Broadcast services. Its friendly GUI interface hides the complexity of service provisioning. Advanced monitoring, security and workflow capabilities offer unparalleled configuration and ease of management.


Service provisionning management for:

  • LTE-Broadcast networks
  • OTT / Multicast ABR networks


How it Works

Content delivery is managed through one central smart Expway BPM which controls multiple individual BMSCs. The Expway BPM decides what to send where and when. It centralizes geographical areas and content consumption intelligence gathered by the BMSCs to dynamically determine the right delivery strategy.

Elegant Interface

Broadcast Multicast Services require many different parameters to be set up. Using command lines, the process is error-prone, time-consuming, and settings are not easy to change. Expway BPM brings a remarkably intuitive and easy-to-use menu-driven Web GUI to configure services from any vendor, ensuring your LTE Broadcast solution is delivered in a timely fashion.

Pre-built Templates

Expway BPM comes with pre-built broadcast services templates, such as streaming HD video, transferring large data files or software updates – with several customization options available. These easy-to-use templates are designed to reduce the time it takes to set-up LTE Broadcast services. Expway provides additional professional services to build customized templates to fit your needs.

Advanced Workflow

Expway BPM offers several convenient features to manage your LTE Broadcast services. Its powerful role-based security access control supports multi-level roles to increase security and simplify the provisioning process. This feature is flexible enough to easily align it with any organization’s responsibility structure. The advanced approval workflow allows better control of LTE broadcasting operations.

Key points

  • LTE-Broadcast / OTT / Multicast ABR Service provisionning
  • Service scheduling / planning, Geo-Planning
  • Multicast-Operation-on-Demand (MooD)
  • Multi-user / Multi-operator interface
  • Multiple BMSC/Multicast server management

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Expway BPM

Technical Features

  • LTE-Broadcast / OTT / Multicast ABR Service provisionning
  • Service scheduling / planning, Geo-Planning
  • Multicast-Operation-on-Demand (MooD)
  • Multi-user / Multi-operator interface, with delivery area-based user rights
  • Multiple BMSC/Multicast server management
  • Target network capacity control, and scheduling collision control
  • Supports Multi-profile DASH/HLS ABR service definition
  • Provides Service template mechanisms to simplify operational use

Technical specifications


Multicast Service Controler

- Service Creation
- Service Scheduling
- Service Planning and geo-planning
- controls one or more Expway BMSC servers

Multicast Services types

- DASH (Templates and Timeline)
- CMAF Low Latency
- File push (single delivery, carrousel, auto-update, scheduled repetitions)
- Multicast operation on Demand (Mood)

User Management

- Role-based user profile management
- Area-based user profiles


SNMP v2/3
HTML5 Web based GUI
Alarms configuration & Monitoring, Performance counters
Inventory and Configuration Management
backup & Restore

System / Architecture

Virtualized or bare-metal server
Active/standby redundancy
IPv4 / IPv6 support for all interfaces



- 3GPP xMB


Sm, SG-mb, SGi-mb, SGi, M1, M2, M3
MB2-C, MB2-U
xMB-C/U (with Expway BPM)

Ordering codes

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Expway BPM

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Expway BPM