ENENSYS is showing its already-deployed ATSC 3.0 solutions for the first time at NAB. ENENSYS is exhibiting on booth SU7813 and also in the ATSC 3.0 Pavilion.


Richard Lhermitte, VP of Sales and Marketing with ENENSYS, said, “ATSC 3.0 is a sea change for digital terrestrial broadcasting in those markets where the IP-based standard will underpin deployment. Our ATSC 3.0 product range has already been deployed successfully by Korean terrestrial broadcasters, including SBS. It has rolled out our ATSchedulers and IPGuard changeover switches as key components of its new system.”

The product range utilizes the company’s global DTT knowledge to create ATSC 3.0 technologies that allow broadcasters to maximize MultiPLP management while operating Single Frequency Networks. ENENSYS has used its experience to create a premium grade broadcast solution, including 1+1 seamless redundancy thanks to its IPGuard supporting ATSC 3.0’s STL protocol.


On show is the company’s ATSCheduler (a broadcast gateway), which is central to ATSC 3.0 network operation. Running at the station or central headend, the ATSCheduler encapsulates the IP streams stemming from various HEVC encoders that deliver the compressed audiovisual content over ROUTE or MMTP protocols, and from the non-real-time server generating the signalling information and the interactive applications. It outputs the resulting ATSC-compliant multiplex using the STL (Studio to Transmitter Link) protocol through IP.


Also on show is ENENSYS’ ATSC 3.0-compatible IPGuard that provides seamless redundancy. It uses the STL protocol that’s central to the standard. IPGuard provides instant switchover from main to back-up without interrupting transmission. Redundancy is required at two levels to do this: STL to deliver the synchronised content to the headend; and at the scheduler level to ensure seamless switchover in a single frequency network environment.

Additionaly, IPGuard can also now operate as a seamless RTP switch to permit switching between undefined, identical RTP streams.


Lhermitte adds, “We will be part of multiple ATSC 3.0 demonstrations at the show including a live Las Vegas broadcast from local station KLSV-LD and targeted ad insertion in the NextGen TV Hub in the Grand Lobby. Our technology will also support demonstrations on the Triveni booth, GatesAir and Unisoft as well as on both of our booths.”

More information about the “NAB Show – Live ATSC 3.0 Broadcast Received in NextGen TV Hub” could be found on ATSC web site.


ENENSYS is presenting a conference paper: Event: 1612 – Hidden Depths: ATSC 3.0 Frequency Sharing and Regionalisation Explained


Location: LVCC, N260, Sunday 23rd April at 4pm