ENENSYS demonstrate expanded DTT ISDB-T capabilities at SET Expo

SET EXPO, São Paulo, Stand 74 – 21 August 2017: At SET EXPO 2017, ENENSYS Technologies, designers and manufacturers of digital TV transmission technologies, will demonstrate increased capabilities of its unique OneBeam solution for ISDB-T/Tb DTT networks enabling simulcasting with BTS compression/decompression solution, the CA descrambling of MPEG-2 Transport Streams, the update of SI information for local broadcasting as well as the ISDB-T/Tb rebroadcasting over SFN networks. ENENSYS has also leveraged its ASI and IP switches, ASIIPGuard and IPGuard V2, to support automatic near-seamless and seamless switching between redundant ISDB-T signals. At last, ENENSYS will also showcase its targeted regional content insertion solution that allow terrestrial and cable operators to monetise their network by inserting local or regional advertisement at the transmission sites but also at the regional cable head-end.


OneBeam is a central part of ENENSYS’ network efficiency solutions, sitting between encoding/multiplexing and transmission. The system is composed of the TbGateway product at the headend and the TbEdge product – which generates the BTS signal at the transmission sites. OneBeam tackles key issues related to the specific nature of the broadcast transport stream (BTS) in ISDB-T/Tb, which is required for broadcasting ISDB-T/Tb signals. Not only is the BTS composed of 204 bytes long MPEG-2 transport stream packets – which necessitates adaption in order to convey it over the delivery network – but it also requires a bandwidth of 32.5 Mbit/s stream, regardless of how many channels or services are included, making it costly for content delivery over satellite to DTT headends. OneBeam ISDB-T/Tb allows a standard and optimized (MPEG-2) transport stream to be used within the delivery network so that the BTS stream is generated at the transmission sites. The solution generates a deterministic BTS stream that allows the broadcasting over the SFN networks.


ENENSYS OneBeam solution can be used simultaneously with a BTS compression/decompression solution allowing existing transmission sites working with a compressed BTS solution while new transmission sites operate the OneBeam TbEdge product to build the BTS stream for SFN or MFN broadcasting. The solution has been enhanced to support the CA descrambling of encrypted TS content throughout the ENENSYS product TSDescrambler. OneBeam solution enables now to update some SI information such as the virtual channel number or the service name and support the activation of EWBS services to alert for immediate dangers.


At this year’s SET EXPO, ENENSYS will unveil its comprehensive targeted content insertion solution composed of the AdsEdge and CampaignManager products. AdsEdge addresses the problem of cost-effective regional content insertion in DTT and cable networks. It supports the ‘splicing’ of file-based content, such as advertising spots, local news and regional weather forecasts, at the final stage of signal distribution – the transmitter site in DTT’s case, and local cable headends for redistribution in others. The software-based solution, Campaign Manager, is the missing piece of the targeted ad broadcasting jigsaw. It manages the asset delivery towards all the AdsEdge to enable local ad broadcasting but also to guarantee a safe SFN broadcasting. The Campaign Manager facilitates the management of regional playlist that can become very complex to handle. It also offers an outstanding dashboard to ease day-to-day operation of the network.


ENENSYS will also present the DTTCaster product that enables an ISDB-T/Tb off-air signal to be rebroadcast over ASI and IP. This is designed to provide highly cost-effective retransmission of DTT networks at regional/local transmitter sites where IP (microwave, fibre, etc.) or satellite connectivity isn’t possible or is cost-prohibitive. DTTCaster allows reception of the network content using a simple antenna then re-generates that content on another frequency. Combined with TbEdge in the same chassis, it can provide a unique SFN rebroadcasting solution for ISDB-T/Tb signals.


At last, ENENSYS will showcase its 2:1 or 3:1 ASI/IP switches, ASIIPGuard, that can seamless switch-over 2 or 3 BTS streams to maintain quality of user experience regardless of the distribution network conditions. It can manage the conversion of any TS or BTS from ASI to IP but also from IP to ASI to enable the delivery over IP networks. It supports Forward Error Correction to cope with packet loss in the IP network.