Telstra Launches LTE Broadcast



GREAT NEWS! Telstra just announced that it has launched their LTE Broadcast service across its mobile network. Expway’s LTE Broadcast middleware powers now all Samsung flagship devices for Telstra, including the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9. More devices and applications will be added in the coming months.


The Telstra LTE Broadcast service, also known as multicasting, is automatically turned on when a lot of subscribers connected to a given mobile cell are watching the same content at the same time. Otherwise, in unicast, the streams have to be downloaded individually to each viewer.


Telstra subscribers of the AFL, NRL and Netball Live app on these devices can now enjoy higher quality streams, without suffering from picture degradation or long buffering. Over 1.2 million consumers have subscribed to this service, and Telstra expects that figure to continue increasing.


Check out the following articles below, describing Telstra’s new LTE Broadcast service (called LTE-B by Telstra) in more detail: