IBC 2018: A “Grand-Cru” for Expway

We had more than 50 meetings with telecom and satellite operators, device manufacturers, video player and application providers and other OTT video ecosystem actors.

Our discussions were focused on the new and exciting Expway Multicast ABR offer and the distinctive benefits it brings to the OTT content delivery ecosystem. We also gathered a lot of feedback about our unique approach, as well as market pain-points and expectations.

Our offer resonated with network operators looking to deliver HD video content through all their networks, create quadruple play offers, and migrate their customers to OTT. Many operators appreciated Expway’s agnostic CDN uniqueness. The Expway Multicast ABR offer can easily be integrate with their current CDN, without locking them in, in case they decide to change CDN vendors in the future or expand to new geographical areas not support by their CDN.

Telecom operators, who rent their transport, access network and CDN from a third party, found it attractive that they could significantly reduce their operating costs with Expway Multicast ABR. Satellite Operators were excited finally be able to deliver OTT video content to tablets and smartphones using their current infrastructure, and consistently deliver guaranteed high quality video over LTE.

Video player and application vendors were attracted by the simplicity of the solution on the receiver side. They only need to integrate one type of agent, the Expway Multicast Agent in their set-op boxes, to support all networks, reducing headaches and maintenance efforts.

To summarize, Expway Multicast ABR enables the OTT video ecosystem to:

  • Deliver HD Video quality users demand and the scalability operators need.
  • Manage unpredictable « content storms » created by popular live content such as sport events.
  • Avoid the video pixel porridge generated by the lack of bandwidth or CDN resources in traditional Unicast delivery.
  • Increase reach and grow subscribers by delivering content in Multicast ANYWHERE: over Wireline (DSL, Cable, Fiber) and over Wireless (4G, 5G and satellite) networks.
  • Work with any CDN vendor, or multiple CDN vendors, because yes, Expway Multicast ABR is CDN agnostic.