Expway Leads The AI and 5G Roundtable at the next SophIA-Summit in Sophia Antipolis

Join us in Sophia Antipolis, France, on November 8th 05:00PM to 06:30PM for the AI and 5G roundtable and learn how AI will play a key role in the design of future networks while enabling new use-cases never thought possible before.

5G networks provide a great promise for network operators to better server their customers with higher speeds, better performance and more data. But they’ll be extremely complex to manage, given the massive amounts of data they are expected to deliver, reliably and securely, in real-time, to not only mobile phones, but also millions of different IoT devices, and home set-top-boxes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have recently received much attention as key enablers for managing future 5G networks more efficiently.

During this roundtable, you will learn about the benefits and challenges of deploying these emerging technologies and whether they’ll be intelligent, mature and secure enough. We will share key recent research on AI and how it is used to configure, optimize, and dynamically manage such networks. You will also acquire a good understanding how AI is helping today’s networks and IoTs, and how they will power tomorrow’s telecommunication infrastructure.

Expway is organizing the AI and 5G Roundtable as part of the International Summit of Artificia Intelligence, hosted by Sophia Antipolis, Europe’s first science and Technology Park, from Nov. 7th to 9th, 2018. Claude Seyrat, Expway CMO will moderate the panel of 5 worldwide experts in the field.

The summit will bring together Artificial Intelligence specialists, researchers, businesses, students and the general public with unique perspectives to share and compare different approaches, views and experiences, on the topics of A.I. and cognition, health, the living, the vision, the economy, transport, education, art and creativity, digital humanities and 5G networks. It is the culmination of other events that, throughout 2018, have solicited or questioned Artificial Intelligence and the numerous applications of AI.

The event will take place in the Science and Technology park (Sophia Tech Campus, SKE- MA, Amadeus, Espaces Antipolis, INRIA).

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