Expway at PSCR 2018


Expway took part in the MCOP demonstration and presentation at the resent PSCR event in San Diego, June 5-8, 2018. There was a lot of interest from academia, security agencies and FirstNet.

MCOP has developed a simple architecture with neutral open APIs and open source SDK. The goal is help application developers and rugged device makers to quickly enter the mission critical market. Application developers will be able to easily build applications for first responders that are fully 3GPP standard compliant, with real mission-critical features, and with insured interoperability. Rugged device makers will benefit from reduce integration burden of different mission-critical applications, LTE/eMBMS chipsets and changing intermediate layer APIs.


From left to right, Fidel Liberal (UBC), Jani Lyrintzis (Bittium) and Terry Costa (Expway) presenting MCOP at the PSCR event.


MCOP demo, complete table view right


MCOP demo, complete table view left


MCOP eMBMS Server, MCPTT Server and LTE Network


MCOP demo, Expway eBox administration tool


MCOP demo, Bittium devices, with MCTPP application


MCOP demo, laptops for SDK MCPTT application development


Since 2002, NIST’s Public Safety Communications Research Program (PSCR) has worked to drive innovation and advance public safety communication technologies through cutting-edge Research and Development (R&D). PSCR works directly with first responders and the solver community to address public safety’s urgent need to access the same broadband communications and state-of-the-art technologies that consumers on commercial networks now expect.

Thank you NIST for putting on this event and helping make First Responders’ jobs safer while saving communities’ lives.