ENENSYS provides ONEBEAM system to THAIPBS launch in Thailand thaipbs


eMBMS Gateway

eMBMS Gateway

MobiStream is ENENSYS mobile TV Gateway for LTE broadcast network within MBSFN area. MobiStream can be used as BM-SC and/or MBMS GW User Plane

  • eNodeB data delivery through M1 interface
  • eNodeB data synchronization through SYNC protocol


  • BM-SC User Plane
  • eMBMS Gateway User Plane
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eMBMS architecture

Key features

  • Encapsulate IP traffic into GTP-U
  • Multicast GTP-U datagrams over UDP
  • Insert SYNC timestamp to deliver over MBSFN area
  • M1 interface and/or SYNC protocol management
  • Hardware based solution
  • Several redundancy schemes
  • Integrated built-in GPS receiver
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Easy to use web-based GUI
  • Full SNMP v2 support