ENENSYS Provides T2 Gateways and ASIGuard Seamless Switches for MediaCorp DVB-T2 network launch in Singapore
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eMBMS Gateway

eMBMS Gateway

MobiStream is ENENSYS mobile TV Gateway for LTE broadcast network within MBSFN area. MobiStream can be used as BM-SC and/or MBMS GW User Plane

  • eNodeB data delivery through M1 interface
  • eNodeB data synchronization through SYNC protocol


  • BM-SC User Plane
  • eMBMS Gateway User Plane
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eMBMS architecture

Key features

  • Encapsulate IP traffic into GTP-U
  • Multicast GTP-U datagrams over UDP
  • Insert SYNC timestamp to deliver over MBSFN area
  • M1 interface and/or SYNC protocol management
  • Hardware based solution
  • Several redundancy schemes
  • Integrated built-in GPS receiver
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Easy to use web-based GUI
  • Full SNMP v2 support